About Emma

A picture of you in your birthday suit,
You sat in the sun on a hot afternoon (…)
Picture book, a holiday in August,
Outside a bed and breakfast in sunny southend.


The Kinks


Emma Skystalker

A surviving photograph is a story that deserves to be treated with the greatest affection.

I was born in 1987 in Paris and moved to Portugal at the age of eleven. Cultivating my artistic sensibility from an early age, it was in photography that I found my language and great passion.

Everyday life is my best canvas, with street photography being the sphere where I think my best look awakens and from which I take away the most picturesque stories or at least the ones I love the most.

I hold a degree in International Relations and a MBA in Business Management. I believe above all, that life is a constant learning process. I feel I will always be an eternal student and I am constantly looking for photography and editing courses, dedicating myself to the art of photographing, alternating artistic photography with works for real estate.

Despite most might think, photographing a house is an act that demands sensitivity. You need to pay attention to the smallest detail and be aware that each corner has a life of its own and tells a story about where that person will spend her or his life. The real estate photographer tries to invoke a memory that is still to happen in that particular space.

In relation to everyday life, my lens only points to what already exists in the eye. The frame or the memory is alive before it happens, the machine does the rest.

Deep down, that old phrase attributed to Native Americans that a photograph steals the soul, is not far from the truth. Somehow, it eternalizes the soul of a place or a person, while also revealing elements that only exist at the moment the photograph is taken. The moment is photography. The light, the movement, the temperature, the background, everything that conditions the space and the fraction of time in which the photograph is taken. There is a huge responsibility involved in this process. A surviving photograph is a story that deserves to be treated with the greatest affection.

Inspiration is something that may be lurking in everything, from the most tiny nook of day-to-day life to the most immeasurable landscape. Being a voracious hunter of new horizons, it is by traveling that I find more motifs to extend my universe, looking for the right moment like someone who could stop time, so that the stories form and dilate through a photograph.

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